Project Overview

CID - Quality of education for tribal children
  • Project Name: Quality Education for all children
  • NGO Partner: CID
  • Location: Sheopur District, Madhya Pradesh
  • Target Area: 32 villages of Vijaipur Block
  • Target Area Population: 17935 people
  • No of Beneficiaries: 6,717 children (0 to 14 years)
  • Start/End Year: 2009/TBD
  • Funding Plan (Current Year): $13,616 [2012/2013]
  • Past Funding; $12,120 (2011/2012)
  • In Literacy rates Sheopur is ranked 47 among 50 districts of Madhya Pradesh (Sources -Census 2011).
  • Literacy rate of Sheopur is 61.0%  in comparison to average literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh at 76.6 %. Female literacy rate of Sheopur is  29 % while Madhya Pradesh is 50.0%. 
  • Sheopur is home of Sahariya tribe which is a primitive tribe of Madhya Pradesh. Sahariya is infamous for hunger deaths and malnutrition. 
  • High absenteeism of teachers is common phenomena in the schools. Its resulted in high absenteeism of students also. 
  • Aganwadi workers are not trained on preschool education and materials for preschool education have not been provided for them. Children come to aganwadi for only having supplementary nutritional food. 

Long term Goal

Mainstreaming children in developmental process through quality education.

Strategy to Attain Goal

  • Sensitization of community on education. 
  • Ensure 100% enrolment and retention of all children in the 
    • Age group 6-14 in primary school  and Middile Schoo
    • 14-16 years in high schools wherever possible.
    • 3- 6 years in Anganawadi. 
  • Strengthen the local government schools by augmenting the shortage of teachers and provide some play materials.
  • To bring down the drop out rate by constant follow up and supporting system for children in education. 
  • Strengthen SMC to prepare parents and community to take up responsibility to Universalize Education. 
  • Activate Mothers committees to ensure well functioning of Anganawadis. 
  • Promote health and hygiene education.
  • Bridge gaps between existing educational system and community.
  • Networking among all stakeholders.                                   
  • Advocacy for improvement in Government school’s infrastructure and quality issues.

NGO Partner : CID

Center for Integrated Development (CID) has been constituted in 1992 by socially sensitive people in the Northern part of Madhya Pradesh (Gwalior and Chamabal region) a where roots of rapid distress can be found everywhere especially among deprived and vulnerable section of the society. CID has persence through its interventions in five districts of this region named Gwalior, Guna, Shivpuri, Ashoknagar and Sheopur and  Baran district of Rajasthan.

CID aims to empower communities through awareness, participation and capacity building which lead to a society based on equity and equality for sustainable development.

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Children get admission in middle school

In Kiravara there is a primary school. In Fifth class there were 12 male children and 5 female children. All children passed fifth class. When these children went for admission in  nearby middle school which is situated in Lardeh village, the principal of the school demanded 100 rupees from every child for admission. When our NGO partner CID team leader came to know about this fact, he sent the para teacher to talk with the principal.  The principal  of school refused to admit the children saying admissions were closed. The Para teacher told him about Right To Education act that any children between to 6 to 14 age can be admitted any time in his or her near by school without any charges. The principal then agreed to admit the children without taking any fees. Now all 17 children are enrolled in thi middle school.