Project Overview

United Action Council (UAC)

The objective of this project is to improve the tribal communities' capacity through an intensive approach towards children’s education as well as for adolescents and adults

  • Implementing NGO: United Action Council (UAC)
  • Location: Telkoi Block, Keonjhar District, Orissa
  • Target Area: 24 villages and 31 hamlets
  • Target Area Population: 13,650
  • Number of Beneficiaries (Current Year): 5,933 [Apr 2010 - Mar 2011]
  • Start Year // End Year: 2009 // TBD
  • Funding Plan (Current Year): $27,183 [2011]
  • Past Funding (Total): $51,400 [2009, 2010]

Keonjhar district has the third largest tribal habitation in the state of Orissa and has a Human Develoment Index (HDI) rank of 24 out of the 30 districts in the state. 50% of Telkoi block is inhabited by primitive tribes and the remaining mostly belong to other backward communities. Government statistics peg the literacy levels at 43%. The tribal settlements / hamlets have no schools or pre-schools and they do not go to village schools. The target region for this project is a group of 55 communities (24 villages and 31 hamlets) in the Telkoi Block of Keonjhar district. The target villages of this project have a staggering 60% of children not attending school. There are only 23 government schools while the requirement is 34. All the government schools have shown extremely poor education service delivery record, shrinking working hours, no structured teaching methods, and less than 20% completion of the recommended coursework. The existing 17 pre-schools and Nutrition Centers do not function as intended, and are instead used as food distribution centers. The adult tribal population with just a 25% literacy rate lacks the awareness of the transformative powers of education.

 Area Overall Literacy Male Literacy  Female Literacy
Orissa State 63% 75% 51%
Keonjhar District 59% 72% 46%
Telkoi Block 43% --  -- 
Target Area 25% --  --
Table: Literacy Rates


  1. To enable children (5 -14 years) of the vulnerable tribal communities in the area accessing primary education.
  2. To work on a social campaign for improved enrollment, retention at government-run schools and to reduce the out-of-school/non-starter cases to minimal levels in a time bound period.
  3. To work towards improvement in quality of educaiton with a holistic process of teaching, learning and provision of physical facilities at government schools.
  4. To mobilize the community and other stakeholders for strengthening the mechanisms of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and the Village Education Committees (VECs).
  5. To reduce the gender gap in children’s education as well as community participation.
  6. To create adequate mechanisms for lobbying and advocacy to bring Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) coverate to uncovered and critical locations in the target area.
  7. To promote adolescent girls’ and young women’s literacy for greater social impact.
  8. To make literacy a community-owned process to enable its sustainability.




    • United Action Council (UAC) was established in 1998 and is a well respected local NGO with extensive experience in development work.
    • UAC has played a key role in a networking process for community participation in forest area program, which is being implemented in 40 villages of Telkoi.
    • Aligning with the ILP philosophy, UAC believes in stakeholders’ participation as true instrument of bringing development in the community. UAC has helped people to take ownership and preserve common property resources - particularly forests - to reinforce their natural right and make a living.
    • UAC has also helped to efforts to protect natural resources for sustainable ecological and livelihood system.
    • The chief functionary of UAC is a very experienced social worker. He is a board member of Orissa state level NGO network – ODMM and Convener of GAN – an Eastern-India NGO network.

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