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Volunteer Job Title: Marketing Volunteer

Key Responsibilities:

The Marketing Volunteer works with the Events team and

(1) Plans, sets up, and attends public events to increase awareness and raise funds for the organization. 

(2) Creates marketing messages and assets highlighting the purpose and achievements of the organization, such as brochures, fliers, 

(3) Liaisons with partner and supporting organizations, and supplies necessary content on ILP.

(4) Collects content, designs and releases quarterly newsletter and is also responsible for the annual report.

Time Commitment:

The Marketing Volunteer will work throughout the year,  up to 2-4 hours a week

Job Title: Social Media Volunteer

Key Responsibilities: 

The Social Media volunteer works with the Marketing team and

(1) Creates the social media marketing strategy for ILP by doing a thorough analysis of existing popular social media channels and choosing the right media for the organization to engage

(2) Increases brand awareness and attracts donors and volunteers by actively leveraging social media.

(3) Analyzes social media and website traffic and gives inputs to the Marketing and Projects teams.

(4) Conceives and sets up fundraising events on social media.

Time Commitment:

The Social Media volunteer will work throughout the year, up to 2-4 hours a week


Job Title: Donor and Volunteer Relations Volunteer


Key Responsibilities: 

The Donor/Volunteer relations volunteer works with the Marketing and Volunteer Engagement team  

(1) Helps with onboarding of new volunteers, explaining to them the goal of the organization and opportunities available and helping them transition successfully into a new role

(2) Hosts volunteer recruitment drives at corporate organizations and public events and follows up with them diligently.

(3) Maintains relationship with donors and volunteers through regular communication in the form of blogs, newsletters, etc

(4) Maintains volunteer directory and assigns volunteers on an as-needed basis for various events.

Time Commitment:

The Donor and Volunteer Relations volunteer will work throughout the year, up to 1-3 hours a week

Job Title: Finance Volunteer


Key Responsibilities: 

The Finance Volunteer works with the Finance team and

(1) Helps with budget planning on annual basis and budget disbursement for projects

(2) Helps coordinate expense reimbursements with volunteers during events.

(3) Works with the Grants coordinator to write and present grants to corporate organizations.

Time Commitment:

The Finance volunteer will work throughout the year, up to 1-2 hours a week


Job Title: Technology Development Volunteer


Key Responsibilities: 

The Technology Development Volunteer works with the Technology team and

(1) Maintains the website of ILP

(2) Helps set up various funding options and track site traffic

(3) Sets and maintains processes and standards while making changes to existing and new websites.

Time Commitment:

The Technology volunteer will work throughout the year, up to 2-4 hours a week

Job Title: Event Planning/Coordination Volunteer


Key Responsibilities: 

The Event Planning/Coordination Volunteer works with the Events team and

(1) Plan our various events such as Annual Race, Dinner, Fest, etc.

(2) Coordinates logistics and finances for each of these events

(3) Work with various teams such as Marketing, Donor relations, etc in executing the event.

Time Commitment:

The Events team volunteer will work for limited time of 2-3 months leading up to an event, working up to 2-4 hours per week during that period.