10th Standard results of our 'Puraskara' students

Tenth standard results came out last week and this year (2012-13),  9 students of our ILP Puraskara scholarship program appeared for SSLC and their results have been heartening and inspiring. We had a 100% pass percentage with 3 First class, 3 Second class and 3 pass class. Irrespective of their ranks and distinctions their accomplishments are important for all of us because all these children have done themselves proud against all odds.

Pavithra B N (Magadi rural)has scored an impressive  79.36% and  Girish.  G (Magadi rural) has scored  73.60%  

Visit to Gubbi- Session on Environmental Awareness- Jan 29th 2013

Kids assemble in the Gubbi Learning Center on Sundays, from the nearby villages some as far out as 18 Kms. The subject matter for today’s session was Environmental Awareness. In the spirit of keeping the sessions participatory, the day kicked off with a quick warm up session with kids sharing their ‘guri’ or goal in life- (‘guri’ is Kannada for goal). The energy that was pouring out of each of them when their turn came to share their life ambition was inspiring- names complete with the details of initials followed by stellar dreams- lots of aspiring doctors,

Increasing enrollment rates - "Anugoonj Education Program"

(Written by Usha Thothathri, ILP Volunteer)

The Anugoonj Education Program, jointly organized by Mahila Samiti and ILP is showing encouraging results with increased enrollment and consistent attendance in the Chhatarpur District in Madhya Pradesh.

ILP-IRCDS brings authority, community and children together for Education

(Written by Shikhar Agarwal)

 This blog talks about how ILP and IRCDS, are working in the Tiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu, India to help in child education - challenges being faced and accomplishments till date.

From Newspaper Delivery Boy to Entrepreneur!

The story of the struggles and success of one boy supported by ILP.
I remember him as a boy with a perpetually serious expression. Purushotham stood out from the rest of his group because of his fluency in English and his conversational skills. He was only thirteen years old at the time when he first became associated with ILP.

Merry Christmas from the children

(Posted by Kiran, Volunteer, ILP Bangalore)
India Literacy Project supports a community library for children in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, India. Our Bangalore chapter volunteers conducted a drawing and painting session based on the theme of the upcoming Christmas festival on Dec 13th 2009 at the Sunnadagoodu library.

A volunteer's perspective on Partners Meet

(A report by Pooja Rangaprasad, on the ILP Partners Meet held in Aug 2009 in Bangalore, India)