What is it?
A one-day event to bring out the best idea(s) and build prototypes for scaling mass-education content across rural schools esp. primary and secondary levels in India. Much of the content has already been developed by ILP and now needs a technology medium to reach even more schools and students.
What are the major topics for the event?
There are three (3) major problem area(s)/themes.

Rural Education Hackathon

Are you a developer, student or technologist interested in applying technology to solve real world problems? Have the knowledge/skills but haven’t found theright kind of forum or platform? Are you passionate about a 100% educated India where people have full understanding of their rights & responsibilities?

If the answer to one of the above is yes, then you probably would be interested in the One-day Ideathon/Hackathon event for Rural Education. This event is being hosted by India Literacy Project [ILP] in collaboration with IIIT-B Innovation Centre, Bangalore. To learn more about ILP and it’s mission of a 100% educated India, visit: http://www.ilpnet.org/


Theme #1

Ideathon to teach English Language for Rural teachers

Teachers across rural India need your help to learn or re-learn the English language. Many of them haven’t been exposed to the language and are now required to teach both primary & secondary levels in Government schools. We need new ideas on the kinds of intervention [including technology] that can be used to improve their reading, writing and grammar skills. Their ability to teach students confidently will be the key success measure.

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Theme #2

Hackathon for mobile app development for Rural Teachers

Currently, there is a lot of science/math lessons developed for rural teachers by ILP. However, the content needs to be revised periodically and the current method of CD distribution isn’t sustainable. With the explosion of smartphones, a mobile app [Android-based] that is easy to use is key for teachers to review and revise content before classroom sessions. This of course needs to be usable in low bandwidth areas plus needs to be available in offline mode.

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Theme #3

Chatbot for Student Career Counselling

ILP has been arming thousands of Standard X students with home-grown career counselling guides/content and in-person camps. However, students and their parents need time offline to discuss, review and identify the right career options. In this context, a Chatbot technology stack needs to be developed allowing students to do Q&A at their leisure and get answers to key questions ahead of making such as major decision. This stack needs to be local-language friendly specifically Kannada, Telugu and Tamil and needs to work in low-bandwidth remote rural areas.

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