ILP’s vision of schools as Multi-Dimensional Learning Spaces is to offer a wide variety of academic inputs and non-academic exposure to children so that they not only excel academically, but also learn about themselves, and discover their interests & abilities. We hope to develop individuals who are capable, confident, inquisitive and value-aware. Our ultimate goal is to see every Government School in India set up as a Multi-Dimensional Learning Space equipped with:


  • A smart/experiential classroom
  • Low cost Science Kit/Maths lab/Models and interactive content for Social Sciences
  • Improved reading levels both in mother tongue and English through a unique library program
  • Teacher training, regular follow up and supporting digital infrastructure to enable teachers
  • Inter-School competitions as a platform for hands-on projects and cross-school learning
  • Exposure and counseling appropriate for the local economy and careers outside the local economy


We want to set up MDLS as a model that can be replicated by the Government, the Schools or any other NGO. ILP is implementing this model in a few taluks at scale across three states. Our MDLS program now covers 200 schools reaching over 17,500 students and 1000+ teachers.

Read more about our MDLS program here.