Two young girls M.Tulasi and P.Saikumari from a remote village were able to participate in the southern regional Science exhibition in Bengaluru recently. These two self-motivated 9th class students who had a keen interest in science were ably supported by their motivated science teacher Ms.Ippli Vani and the Youth Club of Bejjipuram (YCB) in their successful endeavor.

The YCB organisation supplied the Science Kit developed by ILP to ten schools in their project area. The girls hail from the ZP High School, Ranastalam. 10 science teachers were given training in how to use the kit by ILP team members Mr. Karunakar and Mr. Kishore from ILP-Hyderabad Chapter.

The YCB team constantly followed up with the 10 schools to use the science kit for teaching, Ms. Vani taught the children science using the kit and also encouraged them to experiment using the kit. Jyothi, the Education Coordinator and Venkat Rao, the project Coordinator of ILP project of YCB helped the teacher to get the most out of  the science kit and also motivated her to participate in the district level science exhibition. The team’s objective was to put together a project on the lines of the Swatch Bharat goal’s mission - to create accessibility of toilet facility to lady passengers and save time taken for the journey. 

The toilets in the long distance buses would help the old, women, sick people and kids. Two seats in the back of the bus were removed to install the toilet space. When a passenger enters the toilet and activates the Foot Rest, the toilets shutter opens and the a red bulb glows in the Driver’s dashboard/ Cabin. Then the driver reduces the bus speed in order to facilitate passenger. The collection box under the bus will be cleaned out at the next bus station. The toilet shutters clamp back automatically after use in order to avoid the spread of bad odors.

This Project was adjudged the 1st place prize at district and state level. It was one among 18 Projects presented at the State level Science Exhibition and was selected to participate in Southern Regional Level competitions conducted in Bengaluru. The project also went on to garner the 3rd place prize at the Southern Regional level. 

YCB plans to felicitate the teacher Mrs. I.Vani and students during international Women’s day celebrations.

ILP has been supporting the YCB organisation for the past three years. 

Coverage: District: Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh State.

Block: Laveru and Ranastalam Mandals


Covered up to March 2019

No of Gram Panchayats


No of villages 


No of AWCs


No of schools 1-5th  


No. of schools  6-8th 


No. of schools 1-8th


No. of  High Schools  8-10


No. of high schools - 9-10



Srikakulam district is one of the most backward districts in newly formed Andhra Pradesh state in terms of Literacy, Health and Livelihoods. There is not much of an Agriculture sector nor an Industrial sector to speak of. So per capita income of the individuals are very low when compared to state and national level. The major twin livelihood activities are Agriculture and Fishing which do not create sustainable livelihoods to people in srikakulam district.