ILP's Youth Talent Show is an annual fundraising event developed, planned, and run by the ILP Youth Team (, a group of middle and high schoolers passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of education and ILP’s vision to be a catalyst for 100% literacy in India and how it is empowering the Indian rural communities. 

The funds raised from the show is used to create ILP-developed low-cost science kits, which contain over 150 experiments that are mapped to the concepts being covered in the state education school’s curriculum. Each of these kits costs only about $20 and can serve the needs of an entire school and guarantee that kids get quality education that they deserve.

This year’s 2019 talent show was a great success showcasing many Bay Area talented teams to a packed Garden House Shoup Park auditorium! There were over 16  teams participating and giving a spectacular performances in the categories of Dance and Music, with entries covering many different genres. The performances ranged from Indian classical music, dance to Bhangra,  hip hop including Bollywood dance and songs. 

The team was able to raise over $3,000, way above the targeted goal.   

The event was a big hit in spreading awareness about India Literacy Project and it’s impact on literacy in India and gave the Bay Area audience a wonderful entertainment.