ILP is a registered nonprofit organization of enthusiastic volunteers passionate and dedicated to make India 100% literate. ILP’s vision is to be a catalyst in making India 100% literate.

ILP’s goals are to:

a) Spread awareness about literacy and its importance

b) Identify and partner with organizations in India working for the cause of literacy

c) Raise funds to support these organizations in their literacy-related projects.

d) Develop and execute successful and sustainable projects to increase literacy rates in India.

e) Scale successful ‘model projects’ geographically to help achieve 100% literacy in India

f) Create a knowledge repository to capture our learning and cross-pollinate the best practices across like-minded organizations.

g) Promote advocacy at the micro-level to ensure the local communities are aware of opportunities and are positioned to maximize them.

h) Promote advocacy at the macro-level to bring about systemic changes and to influence government policy to increase its investment in education.