ILP Partners Meet 2012 - Summary

ILP kicked off its annual Partners Meet on July 27, 2012 in Chennai, India. The meeting that spanned three days included various sessions to review progress and share experiences in different areas. On the first day, Mr. Suman Ramachandra and Ms. Sharanya of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), Bangalore presented a very informative session on Life Skills Education (LSE) and shared valuable insights on how the organization is managing, operating and bringing about a change in the education scene through multi-dimensional projects. ILP partners with SVYM on the Prema Vidyais.

The afternoon session had four partners sharing their work with the larger group. Mr. Arun Serrao of Community Development Foundation (CDF), Sedam Block, Gulburga District, Karnataka presented their operations, work, impact and future plans. ILP partners with them on the Integrated Education Movement project. Thereafter, Mr. Omprakash Tiwari and Ms. Surabhi Jain of MahilaSamiti (MS) – Bijawar Block, Chattarpur District, Madhya Pradesh, followed by a presentation by Mr. Nimain Satpathi of Unified Action Council (UAC), Telkoi Block, Keonjhargarh Dist, Odisha. The session concluded with a brief presentation by Mr. T Ramanjaneya of SNEHA- Kudligi, Bellary District, Karnataka, where he outlined the work and impact of Namma Shaale Andolana – the project partnered with ILP.

The next session was on Child Protection Policy (CPP) by Suchitra Rao. Her informative presentation delved with various aspects that make up an NGO’s CPP.

The day ended with a session by Mr. B. V. Jagadeesh, a businessman-philanthropist from USA. An accomplished businessman, he supports transformational processes in the areas of infrastructure and education. A great friend and supporter of ILP initiatives, he was there to learn and share directly from those who work with the children and the communities. After sharing some of his experiences, he closed the day with his inspiring observations on how important it is for the people to be literate and educated to make informed choices while electing suitable leaders to govern. He mentioned that ILP and its partners are working hard for this to happen. The impact is being felt, now, in a small way, but in another decade or two, the impact would be huge.

On the second day, Mr. Vasudev Sharma and Mr. Nagaraj from Child Rights Trust (CRT) shared their vast experience in promoting child participation (CP). They discussed how important CP is and that it should be born out of a child’s understanding of the issues, choice to act freely and without fear, and responsible decision making.

The next session was on Knowledge Hub (KH). KH is an initiative of ILP towards widening of horizons on education. Mr. Subhash Pochareddy of ILP NCC, USA, in his crisp presentation, explained how the idea of KH was conceived and ILP’s efforts to promote it. As the name indicates, KH is a resource centre in the field of literacy and education that would facilitate anyone desiring to work in this field. It would help NGOs upscale their work and share ideas and learning.

Mr. T. Ramanjaneya of SNEHA and Mr Victor Tauro of ILP presented their sessions on presented a session on development of Indicators to assess impact of work.

ILP partners shared their project information under the following categories

Partners working on mainstreaming / convergence interventions with schools / Anganawadis

• IRCDS– Poondi Block, Thiruvallur Dist. Tamilnadu
• Ganeswar Club – Hindol Block, Denkenal Dist, Odisha
• Gandhigram Trust, Tirunelveli Dist, Tamilnadu
• SEEDS, Koppal Block, Koppal Dist. Karnataka
• Abhiyaan– Kako Block, Jehenabad Dist, Bihar
• CID, Vijaypur Block, Sheopur Dist, Madhya Pradesh
• LGSS–Khairo Block, Lohardhaga, Jharkhand
• Sarvodaya, Koppal Block, Koppal Dist, Karnataka
• Rachana, Bhadarvas Block, Shivpuri Dist, Madhya Pradesh
• MP Jan Adhikar Manch (MPJAM), Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
• Pragati, Subdega and Balisankara Blocks, SundergarhDist, Odisha
• Technology Resource Communication and Service Centre (TRCSC), Kukru Block, Saraikala Karswan Dist, Jharkhand

Partners working on innovative education tools

• Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Bangalore, Karnataka
• AID India, Madukarai Block, Coibatore Dist, Tamilnadu
Partners working in Education Sponsorship and Multi Dimension Learning Space (MDLS) projects area:
• Chiguru, Magadi Block, Ramnagara Dist, Karnataka
• Sparsha, Bangalore, Karnataka

Partners promoting livelihood skills through vocational training

• RDSS, Silvani Block, Raisen Dist, Madhya Pradesh

Partners working on advocacy

• Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL), Andhra Pradesh

For details on any project, you can contact us

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