ILP projects’ performance is tracked against quantitative metrics and for qualitative impact.

Quantitative Metrics

These are defined based on the type of activities (also referred to as methods of intervention). Some examples of interventions and the corresponding metrics are listed below.

1) Intervention: Enrollment Campaigns

a. Balwadi / Anganwadi Enrollments

b. Out of School children

2) Intervention: Supporting a Balwadi / Anganawadi

a. Attendance Tracking

3) Intervention: Bridge Schools/Retention Programs

a. Drop out Numbers

b. Out of School Children

c. Attendance Tracking

d. Children enrolled into main stream schools

4) Intervention: Adult Literacy Programs

a. Literacy Class Attendance

b. Skills training coverage

Qualitative Impact

We ensure that our interventions bring about social change, create awareness, and empower the community. Examples of some qualitiative metrics are:

1) Community mobilization including empowerment of School Development and Monitoring Committees, Self Help Groups, Youth groups etc.

2) Working with networks, specific activities, issues highlighted with the network etc (Advocacy)