MDLS: Explore-Experiment-Learn

ILP's Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) is a during-school and after-school program that provides multi-dimensional learning opportunities for school children to explore, experiment, discover, and learn in multiple ways.

The concept of Schools as multi-dimensional learning spaces is based on the foundation that

  • Equal importance should be given to all aspects of the curriculum
  •  Learning is not restricted to a curriculum. It should extend to help holistic and balanced development of a child
  • One learning style doesn't work for all. Learning should involve visual, auditory and experiential methods
  • Learning does not stop at school and it can happen anywhere and any time

The vision of Schools as Multi-Dimensional learning space is to offer a wide variety of academic inputs and non-academic exposure to children so that they do well not only in studies, but also learn about themselves, discover their interests and abilities. Through this we hope to bring about individuals who are capable, confident, inquisitive and value aware.

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