Suchitra Rao is a Program Manager at ILP working on projects, Knowledge Hub and advocacy. Suchitra Rao is a Post Graduate in Social Work from Chennai and has over 20yrs experience in the social development sector, 13 of which has been specifically as  Consultant with UNICEF and Government of Karnataka, India, on Child Development issues, on Policy and Advocacy matters while also spearheading rural and urban Projects on Girl Child Labour and Child Protection. The liaisoning role with Government and Networking with NGOs and Community Based Organsiations has provided her with a range of experience that is recognized and utilized by both Government and NGOs.  

Suchitra has also worked on Gender, landless labourers and related issues, having gained experience working with Dutch Funding Agency, in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  She is also a consultant offering services for evaluations and other research assignments related to Child Programs and Policies.

Suchitra is also a Senior Trainer on Development issues for the Government, UNICEF Projects and non-governmental sector. She is also member of state committees for children in Karnataka.