ILP Partners Meet - Aug 9-12,2006

ILP Partners’ Meet 2006 – Aug 9-12, 2006

St. Ann’s Generalate, Tharnaka, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Through the years, ILP has established mutually beneficial & highly successful relationships with over 25 NGO’s from 10 different states. Some of these partners are supported by ILP in their grass-roots intervention programs, whereas others are thought-leaders in several key areas that align with ILP’s philosophy and strategy.

The Annual Partners’ meet is ILP’s efficient way of creating an opportunity for its volunteers, partners and associated NGOs to interact, learn with and from each other, analyze success stories, and incorporate new and creative techniques of eliminating illiteracy in India. This year’s Partners’ meet will be held at St. Ann’s Generalate, Tharnaka, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India from August 9, 2006 to August 12, 2006 at. Experts from various departments in the government, accomplished organizations, and institutions will take their precious time and speak in this meet sharing their experiences to ILP and its partners.

Every Partners’ meet is centered around a distinct theme - this year’s theme is ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development). Research suggests that significant development of critical brain and intelligence occurs before the age of seven, particularly during the first three years of life. ECCD is an essential precursor for a healthy community, where children get proper nutrition, pre-primary education, guidance, and other basic amenities of a child’s life. ECCD definitely makes this Partners’ meet 2006 unique, interesting, and informative.

Objectives of the meeting:

· Enhance awareness to ILP and its partnering NGOs in perspective of ECCD. What is ECCD? Why is ECCD an essential part of a child’s growth? How to accomplish ECCD? What kind of techniques/approaches different organizations are taking to accomplish ECCD.

· Let different experts, in social service, share their innovative ideas/techniques to improve educational coverage in India.

· Continue to identify partners’ needs and also gather ideas from partner’s experience.

This meet will feature a host of accomplished & knowledgeable speakers. Their suggestions and the information they share will be of great use to ILP, its partners, volunteers, and every one associated with ILP. Following are many of experts, in social work, speaking in this meet.

Ms. Shantha Sinha, Secretary trust of M. V. Foundation, Hyderabad, AP, is the winner of prestigious Padmashree (1991), Ramon Magsaysay Award (2003), Albert Shanker International Award (from Education International) (1991). Ms. Sinha will give a review on Right To Education Bill 2005.

Dr. Usha Abrol, Former Southern Regional Director, NIPCCD, Bangalore, will provide “A Situational analysis of children (0-6) in India” emphasizing on number of impacted children, Health & Nutrition and Parental Profile. This will be followed by a 2nd session on why ECCD interventions are required and give a general overview of ECCD programs in the country.

Ms Anuradha Joshi, founder (along with husband Pawan Kumar Gupta) of SIDH (Society for the Integrated Development of Himalayas), will talk about SIDH’s experiments & experiences on Pre-Primary education.

Sri.Vasudeva Sharma, Director, Child Rights Trust, Bangalore, has been invited to talk about the 11th Five-Year Plan and its impact on Children in India.

In addition, Ms. Padmaja Sathyamoorthy, Volunteer & Projects Sub-committee Lead, ILP USA will share her thoughts on “Strengthening Partnership with ILP”, and Mr.Victor Tauro ILP India Coordinator, will talk about improving “ILP – PARTNER’S INTERACTION”.

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