Chahat Rana - ILP Youth Volunteer

ILP's many chapters are very happy to welcome new volunteers at any time. The ILP youth group consists of a team of passionate high school young adults who strive to interact with school children, conduct events and raise money for the underprivileged in India.  Chahat Rana is one such ILP youth group member who we are glad and proud to have in our fold. 

Chahat was volunteering for reading sessions with the govt school children in Hyderabad, India, when she realized the schools are missing basic water supply and bathrooms, and many schools lacked hygiene and sanitation. She started to make a conscious effort to help children understand the importance of hygiene and sanitation.  Chahat got her friends and her high school actively involved by founding Theory of Change - an initiative to attack the issue of sanitation. Their strategy includes involving the new generation and aims to spread awareness through educational campaigns and events.  (

Theory of Change worked tirelessly in raising funds. Led by Chahat they raised a significant amount of money which was used structure needs of Keshavnagar Govt. School. The funds raised by Theory of Change were INR 250,000. Keshavnagar Govt Primary School was a small two room school which lacked many basic amenities.  The funds raised by Theory of Change enabled ILP to put in a borewell and ensure regular drinking water for the school children as well as water supply for the toilets thereby making a positive impact on the health and hygiene of the students.

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