The importance of literacy can be stated at two levels: National and Individual.

At the national level, in a participative democracy like India, a literate population is required to build a nation with strong social, economic and political foundations. Literacy is an important starting point that brings awareness in people to work towards a better living. It helps them to break free of shackles of ignorance, avoid getting manipulated, and being left out of the mainstream.

At ILP, Literacy = Education, Earning Potential and Empowerment!

This definition is based on our years of learning that literacy cannot just be measured by one’s ability to read, write and perform arithmetic.

Education: Development of knowledge, skill and character in the 0-14 years age group.

Earning Potential: Education of youth (15 to 24 years) with a focus on income generation, economic mobility, life coping skills, cultural and social responsibility, etc.