In remote rural villages, children have few real/role models to look up to. By providing scholarships for higher education to deserving students, ILP is creating role models who inspire the younger generation to pursue their aspirations.

Praislin, a young girl from Thirunindravur, Tamil Nadu, was forced to drop her educational aspirations as her father, the sole provider in the family, battled health issues. Praislin was passionate about the English language, and wanted to pursue her dream of becoming an English professor without burdening her father. She reached out to ILP and was provided with a 2 year scholarship for her college education. Praislin is currently pursuing a Masters in English, while working as a trainee at Tata Consulting Services, to pay for her younger sister’s studies.

Senthil, a young man in Tamil Nadu, was forced to drop his ambition to become an engineer and work in a brick kiln alongside his father. ILP recognized the talent and determination that Senthil showed and gave him a 4 year scholarship to pursue his degree at Madras Institute of Technology. ILP mentored him during this time, and helped him to get an internship. Senthil graduated this year and is now working in a leading software company.

Divya, a young girl from Tamil Nadu, was visually challenged, and could not pursue her goal of getting a Masters Degree in History. Her father had passed away, and her brother struggled with debt, leaving her unable to pay for her tuition. ILP gave her a 2 year scholarship to complete her Masters degree. She is now pursuing her degree in philosophy to achieve her goal of becoming a professor.