Partner with us

Whether you are an individual looking to empower your community schools through education, a corporate partner or a foundation looking for organizations that create deep and sustained impact, we invite you to partner with us. You can email us at

Some of our partners

  • Government of Karnataka
  • CA Technologies
  • Chennai Wellington Foundation
  • Dell Technologies
  • Ellucian Software
  • Fourrts
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Microsoft
  • Yokogawa


Join a Chapter

ILP’s many chapters are very happy to welcome new volunteers at any time. You can volunteer your time and skills to the extent you feel comfortable. You can join the chapters and help by spreading awareness about literacy and ILP’s mission, helping with organizational tasks, making donations, helping organize fundraising events, staying informed by attending our monthly meetings, attending open houses, and getting on our mailing list for updates.

Start a Chapter

ILP is looking to expand its presence around the world. The creation of an ILP chapter significantly accelerates the process of spreading awareness in that area. Starting a new chapter requires bringing together a core group of people who are willing to devote a few hours per week for this cause. This core group can spread awareness using e-mail, personal contacts, cultural organizations, company contacts or Indian stores. A full-fledged chapter could have activities to whatever level their time and resources allow.

Interested in starting a new Chapter?

Contact us