When you enter the primary school in Mandiralvalasa village in Vizianagaram district, you will be greeted with a hearty ‘Good morning’ from a group of 1st Grade and 2nd Grade children sitting in one shared classroom. The most surprising part of this interaction is the confidence in those smiling faces.

This school is one of the 18 primary schools where ILP, through its NGO partner Sodhana Trust, is implementing an Activity Based Learning (ABL) program. This ABL program believes that ‘joyful learning’ and holistic care of the children taps into the natural curiosity and enthusiasm of children. The program enables teachers by conducting intensive 10-day teacher training to give them skills to make early education interactive and fun for children in their classrooms.

The effectiveness of the program is evident in the amazing learning assessment results, but even more importantly, the social and psychological progress of the children is a joy to behold.