Low-Cost Science Lab-in-a-Box (Science Kit)

  • Developed based on detailed research of all concepts covered in Grades 5-10
  • Advisory team consisted of members from Karnataka Department of  State Education and Training experts
  • 100+ experiments covering over 200 concepts

Approach and Components

  • Kit consisting of everyday items along with specialized parts that encourage children to tinker and build new applications of concepts, as opposed to ready-made models
  • Most components are available in small towns and can be replenished easily at low cost encouraging children to touch, feel and build without fear of breaking expensive items
  • Inspire children to create their own low cost experiments

Training and Support

  • Teachers trained on experiments covered in the kit along with periodic refreshers
  • Detailed manual containing details of items required for each experiment, detailed concept note and pictures of experiment set up provided as part of the kit
  • Experiments mapped to digital lesson plans with slides providing cues to teachers to conduct relevant experiments