ILP's Hyderabad Chapter

India Literacy Project, Hyderabad Chapter was launched in 2006 by Manmohan Jain. He was supported in his effort by a small group of volunteers from varied backgrounds in Hyderabad.  Pustakam – The first initiative of the Hyderabad Chapter was taken up in 1 government school with 5 volunteers.

ILP Youth Talent Show

ILP's Youth Talent Show is an annual fundraising event developed, planned, and run by the ILP Youth Team (, a group of middle and high schoolers passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of education and ILP’s vision to be a catalyst for 100% literacy in India and how it is empowering the Indian rural communities. 

MDLS Makes Learning a Joy

In this blog, I want to explain the concept behind our approach to improving quality of education in government schools. We call this initiative, Multi-Dimensional Learning Space or MDLS.

Multi-Dimensional Learning Space (MDLS) is a during-school and after-school program that provides multi-dimensional learning opportunities to school children to explore, experiment, discover, and learn in multiple ways. 

The India I had never seen

Visit Report by ILP Youth Volunteer, Purnima Venkat

Most of my earlier trips to India were to the biggest cities – Bangalore, Delhi etc. They were full of crowds, dust and traffic.  It was my normal image of India: a poor, dirty, crowded, and very competitive place. A place where dogs and other animals roamed the streets starving, begging for food and where people sat in slums with rags on them. At least that’s what I first thought. This was my first journey into India’s villages and until now I had only seen photos and videos of what it was like.

Schools as Multi-Dimensional Learning Space - Need

While the need to improve quality of education at Government Schools seems intuitive, I still think it would be good to see some numbers to make the point. Intuition can sometimes be inaccurate and looking at the right statistics and figures numbers are important to ascertain intuitions. As you read this, you will come to realize (if you haven’t already), the magnitude of the problem and the underlying issues that I feel are the core reasons why on quality of education is important.

Let’s start with some figures from latest Census.


Schools as Multi-Dimensional Learning Space - Genesis

I am pretty excited to start this series of blogs on one of the most interesting projects of my life. This is a project that focusses on improving quality of learning in Government schools especially in rural India. The goal of this project is to create a model that is replicable, holistic, low cost and easy to implement. Through these articles, I will articulate what we attempted to do, our collective learning and my own experiences. While the blogs are being written by me, I am documenting our collective learnings as a team.