The India I had never seen

Visit Report by ILP Youth Volunteer, Purnima Venkat

Most of my earlier trips to India were to the biggest cities – Bangalore, Delhi etc. They were full of crowds, dust and traffic.  It was my normal image of India: a poor, dirty, crowded, and very competitive place. A place where dogs and other animals roamed the streets starving, begging for food and where people sat in slums with rags on them. At least that’s what I first thought. This was my first journey into India’s villages and until now I had only seen photos and videos of what it was like.

My experiences at the Summer Camp

(By Keshav Ramamurthy, V Grade Student, ILP Volunteer)

Anything is possible

(A blog by ILP Youth Volunteer Yamuna Ambal on her experiences in conducting summer camps for children of brick kiln workers)

May 2015, Thiruvallur , Chennai


United States
21° 51' 41.3964" N, 82° 15' 56.25" E

Increasing enrollment rates - "Anugoonj Education Program"

(Written by Usha Thothathri, ILP Volunteer)

The Anugoonj Education Program, jointly organized by Mahila Samiti and ILP is showing encouraging results with increased enrollment and consistent attendance in the Chhatarpur District in Madhya Pradesh.

From Newspaper Delivery Boy to Entrepreneur!

The story of the struggles and success of one boy supported by ILP.
I remember him as a boy with a perpetually serious expression. Purushotham stood out from the rest of his group because of his fluency in English and his conversational skills. He was only thirteen years old at the time when he first became associated with ILP.