Enroll and Retain children in preschools and schools

The education scenario in India has seen rapid progress over the last two decades in addressing the diverse challenges. Enrollment in primary schools has increased to around 96% and school infrastructure has also improved, but there are still significant challenges in enrollment for vulnerable communities.Our projects focus on vulnerable communities who face challenges with universal coverage, out of school children, poor attendance and retention. Some of these communities live in deep rural areas and are primitive tribal groups , socially disadvantaged communities such as scheduled castes, linguistic minority communities and migrant populations.

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Enable learning in innovative ways

70% of children in India attend government schools predominantly in rural areas. Many children attending government schools are first generation learners. Their families are not equipped to guide their education at home (78% of rural adults have less than 5th grade literacy). As a result, teachers become the only source of guidance, thus putting extra burden on the already over-burdened teachers.

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Empower students with career pathways

Education plays an important role in preparing students for successful and productive careers and to make positive contributions to society. The education system must provide the information, skills and confidence required for students to have productive careers. Our student-centric Career Guidance and Pathways program equips them with detailed information about variious careers, and enables them to effectively compete for jobs in the industry.

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