We at ILP had such an action-packed and satisfying 2019, that we didn’t even realize that a  brand new decade had rolled in! We are most definitely looking forward to marching through the coming decade with our usual zeal and are chuffed to share with you the achievements of our previous year. As a catalyst for a 100% literate and educated India, ILP across all chapters is now enabling the education of 7.5 Lakh children in 8 states of India. We achieved this by streamlining our approach across the entire spectrum of education and adhering to our three-pronged methodology of “Enroll”, “Learn”, and “Earn”.

  • We work with the local government/NGOs to start new schools where there is none, ensure enrolment and retention in preschools and schools, and enable students to complete higher grades
  • We have transformed schools into learning spaces that provide innovative tools and processes for teachers and help children attain grade appropriate skills
  • We equip students with information about career options, identify their interests/abilities and enable them to create and own pathways to their desired careers

Specifically for Karnataka, in 2019, the objective was to scale the “Learn” and “Earn” initiative by working with the Government and other non-profit partners. Partnering with teachers and officials in the education department we have created Math, Science and Social science digital lessons mapped to the syllabus for grades 4 – 10 and upgraded our low-cost science kit to be even more effective. All resources created by ILP is opensource, free, High quality, editable and replicable.

Our most humbling feedback has come in the form of results of a sample survey of over 200 schools using our digital content. Over 99% of the teachers who participated in the survey, believed that the digital content helped the students understand the concepts better, they found themselves to be more productive and they would gladly recommend ILP content to other teachers.

Key success stories we want to share…

  1. We have created an effective and sustainable program that has been incorporated into the Government education system. Based on our results, the Education department of Karnataka signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ILP to Incorporate the digital content as part of smart classrooms in 2500 government schools in Karnataka this year. This content will also be incorporated in new Smart classrooms that Government would setup under TALP (Technology assisted learning program). They will also, include this content in the government teacher training program to jump start the process of teachers being involved in content creation/customization.
  2. Our Career book has been government approved to be used across all schools in Karnataka. These books facilitate Career Guidance and Counselling conducted as In-School Programs either by trained ILP facilitators or teachers trained by ILP.
  3. ILP has decided to move beyond the 10th Grade, to engulf the entire spectrum of educating and enabling a young individual to become a contributing member of the society. ILP has partnered with DELL for this effort.In-Center Programs conducted in Dell-ILP Skilling Centre that is open 7 days a week to offer hands-on learning space:
  • Functional computer literacy: Basic computer skills and introduction to productivity tools.
  • In-person career counseling : Help students with college/vocational course applications and interview preparation.

    In-College Programs conducted by Dell-ILP facilitators:
  • Providing details about careers, colleges, preparation for entrance exams and application process
  • Basic Spoken English training:  Help students get comfortable with conversational English through a series of activity-based modules
  • Life skills training: Modules including those prescribed by WHO to build key skills like self-awareness, critical thinking, problem solving, time management and personal safety

The impetus we have attained because of the confidence the Karnataka State education department has shown in our digital content and looking at how they want to embrace it across all government schools in the state – we are very excited about the future.  It only gets better from here.