ILP Career Guidance – A Pathway beyond academics!

“This Chart gives me HOPE! I always feel I am not capable of doing much, but this session gives me confidence. I never knew there are so many opportunities and courses available”. Somesh[1] resonates the sentiments of the 12 boys of Class X, on the session on Career Guidance by their Counsellor, who

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2019 Year in Review – ILP Projects Round-up

By Sumita Jayaraman & AL Rangarajan

ILP has always focused on a multi-pronged approach to educating children that covers schooling (both enrollment and retention), learning (quality of education) and earning (career guidance and counseling).  And additional criterion which we use to identify projects and areas of work is the need-based approach to bring education

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A Trip to Educate and Get Educated

This trip was an eye-opening experience in many ways. Having spent considerable time as a volunteer and projects coordinator behind the scenes, it was an incredible experience to witness the execution front on the ground. This trip served as a personal milestone, both as a volunteer and a contributor to the program to

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Valuing Children’s Perspectives and Participation

250 children of 12 to 18yrs were gathered at the venue. Both girls and boys from diverse socio-economic background. They represented International schools to Central Board, State Board to NGO run bridge school for mainstreaming child labour. While some wore school uniforms, others were in casual daily wear. A few children with physical disabilities &

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ILP Relay – A Tale of Passion and Endurance

Starting January for the past 20 years or so, troops of people block out their Saturday mornings for runs and walks. One would think they are just like many others who made New Year resolutions to exercise regularly and often more. This is a very special group and the commitment does not last a few

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Introduction to ILP’s Metrics and Evaluation System

ILP drives a wide array of efforts to enable children’s education from preschool to high school and beyond. In an effort to quantify our efforts ILP has designed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide objective and real-time view of progress to us, and to our NGO partners.

These KPIs help ILP to objectively evaluate

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ILP’s Journey

It was the year 1989 and we had an impressive visitor from India. The handout for his talk, spoke about the need for action. The speaker was none other than Dr. Parameshwara Rao. Dr. Rao had a simple yet powerful message. He said – if we don’t do anything, by year 2000, every second illiterate in the world will be an Indian! This stirred up a bunch of us and we felt something needed to be done. This led to the formation of ILP in 1990, registered as a non-profit in Chicago, United States. As a first step, we decided to support Dr. Rao’s own organization BCT. Supporting BCT, gave ILP the right background and experience to support many literacy and education projects across India.

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